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Noorderdiepte | Episode 2 | Jenne


    Episode 2: Jenne

    First aired: Wednesday, 1 October 2014 at 18.00 hours

    Jenne Meinema (Groningen, May 18, 1931) is a respected musician, but acts in jazz circles, little in the foreground. He does not move in multiple genres, and has chosen to only work in the Groningen region.

    Meinema has therefore never made a record under his own name. The alto saxophonist plays all genres with pleasure, but his heart goes out to the music of Charlie Parker:

    "What me in the bebop most enjoys is the emotional and technical. Throwing out what's in your. For me that really too much energy. Nothing more. To fear, passion, sadness to look for in goes too far. Play Those feelings most of ballads sometimes. Continue the adventure. Make strange intervals, doubling passages. So you're constantly leaps in the dark "while playing.

    A film by Buddy Hermans.

    About this program:

    Landscape, art and culture, with the window on the north.

    Every week we broadcast in Noorderdiepte, a collaboration with Foundation Beeldlijn and magazine Noorderbreedte, a documentary. Each documentary is introduced by a brief interview with a person.

    Beautiful films that are worth viewing. Films about musicians like Roelof Stalknecht and Jenne Meinema. Artists such as Jan Steen and Alfred Hafkenscheid and poet Rutger Kopland. Various artists that now can be viewed by a large audience.

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