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In beeld | Episode 48 | Lemmer

    In beeld

    Episode 48: Lemmer

    First aired: Thursday, 22 October 2015 at 17.32 hours

    In this episode of In Beeld Roos takes a visit to Lemmer. Lemmer can be reached by both land and water. We will take a look at Lemmer from a very different side, because they will get to see it from a boat.

    Lemmer is a city in the community De Fryske Marren in Friesland and can be reached by both land and water. Lemmer is connected to the Ijsselmeer and de Friese Meren and is one of Frisian's most known water sports places. In the summer months it's visited a lot and a lot of tourists and people from the area come to Lemmer to enjoy a drink on one of the many terraces.

    InBeeld is in the old fishermans village Lemmer. The city has a good water sports centre and a beautiful beach. In Lemmer the largest still working pumping station of europe can be found. The lighthouse at the harbor is the same one that once starring in the movie 'De Vuurtoren' by Pieter Verhoeff. We get to see Lemmer from a boat.

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    About this program:

    IN BEELD brings the people of our region "in the picture".

    Weekly Podium.TV will bring the people of our beautiful villages in picture in the north of the Netherlands. To meet special people, to see the village and told wonderful stories. There are hundreds of villages in the northern provinces and all of them are worth to get the attention.