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In beeld | Episode 52 | Slochteren

    In beeld

    Episode 52: Slochteren

    First aired: Thursday, 19 November 2015 at 17.32 hours

    Today in In Beeld: More than 1500 police hats, drinking tea at a tea house and living like the nobel men did. Roos visits Slochteren.

    Today Roos visits Slochteren. Just outside the village is the beautiful estate Freylemaborg bearing, according to a legend, the name of the beautiful noblewoman Elema or Ailma. The estate was established more than seven centuries ago, but got it’s current appearance to the end of the 18th century.

    The park, built in the English style, was designed by renowned architects G.A. Blum and L.P. Roodbaard. In 1972, the last owners sold the property to the Gerrit van Houten Foundation. After restoration, the Freylemaborg became a museum, where Rose is shown around and sees what it was like to live on the Freylemaborg.

    Slochteren also houses a special collection .. police hats! Roos takes a look at the police hats museum located in the old station building. There you’ll find more than 1500 caps from 220 countries. Some caps come with strange anecdotes.

    Finally Roos drinks a cup of tea in a beautiful scenery: at farm shop and tearoom Smaakvol Slochteren.


    Landgoed Fraeylemaborg
    Smaakvol Slochteren

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