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Noorderdiepte | Episode 44 | Tocht om de Noord


    Episode 44: Tocht om de Noord

    First aired: Wednesday, 24 February 2016 at 18.00 hours

    "Money (on it's own) doesn't make a person happy'. That's the message in this real Gronings feelgood movie, make during the 'Tocht om de Noord' 2015.

    The movie is about Jacob Pat. He lives with his wife Greetje on the estate Vennebroek in Eelde. Because his wife won a prize in the lottery, he quit working and they moved to a bigger house. But their new rich life doesn't feel good. They don't have a lot to do anymore and the old butler of the estate is giving Jacob and Greetje lessons in manners but they never asked him to. When Jacob sees an article in the newspaper about pelgrimage he takes a brave decision. He leaves his wife and grandchildren behind and is on his way to Uithuizen to walk the Jacob's lane. When he get's there an organiser helps him on his way, by playing the melody of the Grunnens Laid from church to church. That's a welcome help, because he soon is confronted with not only blisters, but the first complications show up. Not in the least because Jacob's wife doubt the honorable intentions of her husband.

    That's how Jacob's pelgrimsadventure starts. A story written and filmed for 'Tocht om de Noord 2015'.

    Director Anna van Slageren recorded the movie both during and pre the walking event, that was held in the last weekend of September for the 10th time. The move is spoken in Gronings and subtitled in Dutch. The main roles are for Gronings actors Wilt Stel, Janneke Geertsema and Dick Drenth.

    Website: www.Tochtomdenoord.nl

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