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Soundcheck | Episode 16 | The Black Cult


    Episode 16: The Black Cult

    First aired: Friday, 26 February 2016 at 18.00 hours

    This week in SoundCHECK: The Black Cult

    After releasing their second EP on Tender Records, the vinyl label of Tim Knol, they are expanding rather explosively. Playing shows with the Popronde, Incubate, Zwarte Cross, 3FM, Here Comes The Summer and more. Their contagious mix of garage, punk and pop will leave you shaking and aching for more. Just like your alcohol addiction. Rock and roll how it's supposed to be played. Fast, loud and in your face. It's said that The Black Cult is becoming the next big thing in the Dutch garage world. There is only one way to find out, grab your leather jacket and go see for yourself.

    Podium.TV met with the band at home in Groningen first. After a short while, the men leave to Podium Asteriks in Leeuwarden. The Black Cult is well prepared, they even get a haircut just before the show. Podium.TV also follows the programmer of Podium Asteriks. He names 18 reasons to watch The Black Cult. Among others, the band has broken the record of playing live for 363 continuous hours. In addition, what has their logo in common with the logo of Podium Asteriks?

    Website: www.theblackcultband.tumblr.com
    Facebook: The Black Cult
    Twitter: @DouweBlackCult
    Youtube: The Black Cult
    Instagram: theblackcultband

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