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Soundcheck | Episode 31 | Symphony in Blue


    Episode 31: Symphony in Blue

    First aired: Thursday, 12 October 2017 at 17.00 hours

    Deze week staat Soundcheck in het teken van Symphony in Blue, een bijzondere samenwerking tussen het Noord Nederlands Orkest en verschillende Drentse bands en artiesten. We zijn in de Oosterpoort in Groningen, bij de repetities voor dit evenement, waar we spraken met de bands Mooi Wark, King of the World en Hangover Paradise en met rocklegendes Jan Akkerman en Bert Heerink. Ook zie je fragmenten van het concert dat plaatsvond in Assen.

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    About this program:

    Before a musician on stage is, the written press, composed, rehearsed and just before the gig the time comes for the Soundcheck!

    Soundcheck is an music on Podium.TV. We are visiting a wide variety of musicians from the north. (Cover) bands, DJs, Dutch singers and singer-songwriters; musical northern Netherlands is discussed. Where they rehearse and how this is going to? How do you write a new song? And how does a CD presentation?

    So we end up in old garages, nostalgic rehearsal rooms, but also in professional studios and tasty busy music venues. Additionally, you can every week to enjoy a wide variety of video clips and a classic "golden oldies" from the old box.

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