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Soundcheck | Aflevering 45 | Aaipop

SoundCHECK! is op bezoek geweest bij het festival Aaipop.


Aflevering 45: Aaipop

First aired: Thursday, 31 May 2018 at 17.10 hours

SoundCHECK! is op bezoek geweest bij het festival Aaipop.

Mis het niet en kijk vanavond vanaf 17.00 uur naar SoundCHECK op Podium.TV!

About this program:

Before a musician on stage is, the written press, composed, rehearsed and just before the gig the time comes for the Soundcheck!

Soundcheck is an music on Podium.TV. We are visiting a wide variety of musicians from the north. (Cover) bands, DJs, Dutch singers and singer-songwriters; musical northern Netherlands is discussed. Where they rehearse and how this is going to? How do you write a new song? And how does a CD presentation?

So we end up in old garages, nostalgic rehearsal rooms, but also in professional studios and tasty busy music venues. Additionally, you can every week to enjoy a wide variety of video clips and a classic "golden oldies" from the old box.

Tip the editors when you know a great band and want more of it as a groupie know.