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At the mediacompany Podium.TV is a large group of fulltime and freelance employees at work. Especially during a LIVE broadcast there are soon 30 employees walking around at the workplace or better said on the sportsfield. Besides cameramen and assistents working there are an editor, a director, a producer. A number of technical people with each there own specialties such as video, audio and mixing. People are needed for connections via satellite or wireless cameras on motorcycles. People who operate the titles and graphics such as line-ups, game time and scores and people who take care of repetitions and slow-motion video. Of course there are people for the presentation, editing and reporting. And finally there are people in the headquarters of Podium.TV, which we call the endproduction, where the videos of the satellite are received, the finishing takes place and finally put toward your livingroom on the cable via fiberglass.

Do you have qualities, experience or do you think it will be great to learn this work, write us an email with motivation and your resume. Maybe we'll see you at work at a new Podium.TV production.


Sorry, we look only for Dutch staff.