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    Dutch Basketball League: Aris Leeuwarden - ZZ Leiden

    First aired: Wednesday, 19 March 2014 at 19.30 hours

    The basketball players of Aris Leeuwarden Leiden and will use the remaining matches in the league to hit the approaching playoffs in shape.

    Aris, the losing finalist last season, has played as well as safe and is 7th in the league with 16 points. Care and Security of Leiden, the reigning champion, is a place higher with 32 points. Both teams early March, met in the semi-finals of the National Cup. The first match in Leeuwarden ended in a draw: 78-78. Last Wednesday, March 12, was the second game played in Leiden. The game was a long time in tandem, but in the last quarter of Leiden ran away at Aris: 78-63. No cup final so the team coach Tom Simpson, the replacement for the recently fired Ed Molthoff.

    On paper a good match: the finalists of last season and semi-finalists of the current cup competition. Earlier this season, the two teams met in competition three times. Lead came in all meetings as the winner. Aris will therefore endeavor to March 19 last Leiden win. For a home crowd in the atmospheric Kalverdijkje Aris Leeuwarden to great achievements in the state, as experienced leader Groningen earlier this season.

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