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    Dutch Basketball League: GasTerra Flames - Aris Leeuwarden

    First aired: Tuesday, 25 March 2014 at 19.00 hours

    On December 21, 2013 Aris Leeuwarden won in a cracker with a vengeance GasTerra Flames Groningen. In-house, however, is the current leader virtually unbeatable.

    Tonight, leader GasTerra Flames home against Aris Leeuwarden. In its own Martini Plaza Groningen supreme this season. Only the first home game of the season against Den Bosch, was lost. All other games were won by the Groningen. Not for nothing is 'Thor' the legitimate leader in the Dutch Basketball League. Defeats this season sparingly for the team coach Ivica Skelin.

    A total of four league defeats suffered one on December 21, 2013 in Leeuwarden. In the now almost legendary race Aris Leeuwarden knew in the final seconds to win the match. At rest there seemed nothing wrong for the Flames. A lead of almost 20 points and a very good playing GasTerra Flames. But from an almost impossible position Aris knew back in to fight the competition. With scores of 21-14 in the 3rd period and 21-8 in the 4th period Aris knew in a swirling Kalverdijkje actually tackle against the big rival the full profit: 77-75. Aris for the highlight of this season, Groningen a rare and unexpected defeat.

    Tonight both teams for the fourth and final time against each other in the regular season. Groningen start this match as a leader, while Aris Leeuwarden is located on the 7th place back. Matches between Leeuwarden and Groningen are publicly always special matches. Martini Plaza will sit packed full again tonight either. Podium.TV makes sure you do not miss anything.

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