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    Kwartfinale KNVB Beker district Noord: ONS Boso Sneek - SC Erica

    First aired: Saturday, 29 March 2014 at 16.30 hours

    Topklasser ONS Sneek Boso playing in the quarter finals of the KNVB Cup Northern District against SC Erica. The winner of this game should come next season in the national KNVB Cup.

    Opponent SC Erica is currently in the middle of the Sunday First Class F. In the previous rounds of the KNVB Cup Boso knew ONS Sneek to deal with succession Blue Wit'34 , SV Bedum , Asser Boys and SC Joure . SC Erica had to walk . Longer path After having survived the group stage they reached the quarter-finals with victories over CEC , SVV'04 , Steenwijker Boys and Heerenveense Boys.

    ONS Sneek Boso had in the last game clearly struggling with SC Joure. In the first half of the good and bright playing SC Joure brutally took the lead 0-2 after fifteen minutes . Just before half scored the tying goal Bosch U.S. behalf . After resting ONS Sneek Boso squared his shoulders , though it was difficult. SC Joure long persisted , but finally gave up the difference in quality yet decisive : . 4-2

    The quarter finals of the cup is an important round. The winners of the quarterfinal games next season because it in rural KNVB Cup. It says so what is at stake this afternoon in Sneek

    The other games: MSC - Drachtster Boys , FVC - Urk , Hoogeveen - Flevo Boys

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