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    Zaterdag Hoofdklasse C: Harkemase Boys - ACV

    First aired: Saturday, 19 April 2014 at 14.00 hours

    The big game in the league C: Harkemase Boys takes home against the number two ACV. If neither team knows the track to keep the current frontrunner: Flevo Boys?

    Harkemase Boys is currently fourth in the league with four points behind ACV and seven points at Flevo Boys. ACV is three points behind Flevo Boys and must win to still be able to claim the title claim. Strikingly Harkemase Boys this season in away matches more than points earned on their own sports The Bosk. In February and March there was even won three games in a row. ACV has the top scorer of the competition. Robin Mulder was already 17 goals this season. In the Asse has already hinted that he wants next season in the Top active, preferably with 'his' club ACV. He is, however, the interest of many in Topklassers and clubs to choose from.

    The previous meeting with the Drenthe team finished in a 3-3 tie and proved to be a real football cracker. In the last five minutes less than three goals fell. Fifteen minutes before the end Uuldriks Heine made ??the 1-2. Profit before Harkemase Boys appeared within, until Erwin Buurmeijer got on his hips: 2-2 after 88 minutes, 3-2 in the 90th minute. Just at the moment ACV thought to have won, there was Jordy van Wijk with a header: 3-3. If this is a harbinger for the match in Harkema, then it promises to be spectacular duel.

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