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    Autocross Luinjeberd: Autocross Luinjeberd

    First aired: Sunday, 27 April 2014 at 15.00 hours

    For the 32nd time the Autocross in Luinjeberd organized. This busy cross again makes each year for a lot of spectacle.

    Motor racing is hugely popular in the northern Netherlands. In big games, there are over 2,500 visitors along the track. There is Luinjeberd like every year competed for the Oene van der Molen Cup. In total there are 7 different classes, including area classes, the beetle class, the juniors and the sprint class. There will be about 100 participants across these classes.

    Last year Hessel de Graaf was the winner of the Oene van der Molen Cup. Participants compete for the trophy, but the audience is mainly for the spectacle: the speed, the noise, a car that ended up in a ditch or even flying over head. In short, action and thrills guaranteed!

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