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    Fierljeppen: Finale Nationale Competitie

    First aired: Saturday, 2 August 2014 at 14.30 hours

    On Saturday, August 2nd IJlst the final of the National League Fierljeppen will take place. In the fifth and final game of the National League is clear who is allowed to call Champion of the Netherlands

    The national competition is an initiative of the jumper board PBH and Ljeppersvereniging of the FLB. In this league of five games (Jaarsveld, Burgum, Vlist, It Heidenskip & IJlst) fighting the best Friesian jumpers at the best 'Dutch' jumpers.

    Last year's winner Bart Helmholt (Burgum) the 1st edition of the National League. He jumped a distance of 20.76 meters and as the other participants could not compete. Jaco de Groot (Woerden) came close with 20.46, but had to acknowledge his superior in Helmholt.

    Helmholt is now to be one of the best fierljeppers. He also holds the Dutch Record with 21.55 meters.

    Podium.TV shall report directly to the final and deciding game of the National League

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