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Week-eind | Episode 2 | Flaeijelfeest, Flying Circus and Vineyard Tiendeveen

Week-end, a great way to start the weekend. This week in Week End:


Episode 2: Flaeijelfeest, Flying Circus and Vineyard Tiendeveen

First aired: Friday, 26 September 2014 at 18.00 hours

Week-end, a great way to start the weekend. This week in Week End:

Frysk Culture Event, Flaeijelfeest

The Flaeijelfeest can be called with pride the most unique countryside event in the Netherlands. It is so unique because of the activities and attractions at this event. The large number of visitors (25,000) are prove of this.

The Flaeijelfestiviteiten foundation for the coming Flaeijelfeest on September 27 in Nieuwehorne have this year a unique partnership with the Flying Circus. They will performe a show with real pilots and authentic planes. It promises to be a special show with a few months of preparations. The plane show Flying Circus has never been seen in the north of our country.

Flying Circus provides a full-day variety show on the theme "fly" with a colorful mixture of slapstick acts, play-along theater for youth and stories about airplanes and aviation for young and old There are 10 real vintage aircraft along. President Harry Sikkema: "We are extremely proud that this internationally known organization is working with a non-air event as our Flaeijelfeest for the first time"

Irene Verkerk from Vineyard Tiendeveen

Jan-Willem Nieuwenhuis and Irene Verkerk put in their heart and soul for their own vineyard in the Drenthe Tiendeveen of a half hectares. They produce on there own a good quality wine. In the vineyard they do everything by themselves. "From the grape to below the cork". In the cellar adjoining store the bottles red and white go for a tenner each over the counter, including the cork bouquet that whispers Drenthe recounts peat and sand and a touch of boulder clay. In the Netherlands the wine since the seventies made a decent flight, then turned up in Limburg the first winemakers on. quality is a year ahead of the Dutch wines, Wine Institute foundation awards every year more medals out on her inspection. Willem Jan and Irene making is now preparing for the harvest of 2014 and the big question is, "will this be a good year Drenthe vintage"?


Atze J Lubach from Beerta is not only a passionate actor and director, but he still has an other passion. He was from an early age already under the spell of the fair. He has built up a huge archive of 100,000 photographs of certain kinds of attractions. During the past 25 years He writes as a journalist for the magazine for fairground operators and travels down dozens of fairs at home and abroad.

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