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In beeld | Episode 9 | Norg - the 4-day-bike

    In beeld

    Episode 9: Norg - the 4-day-bike

    First aired: Tuesday, 7 October 2014 at 18.20 hours

    During the annual 4-day-bike in Drenthe, Podium.TV made recordings from boarding point Norg.

    Norg is a rich green area in the north of Drenthe. It has about 4000 inhabitants and is situated approximately 25 kilometers from Assen. The ideal location of this village Norg is very popular with tourists. It can be a nice walk through the various nature reserves, but the main attractions are the woods where cyclists and mountain bike enthusiasts can indulge.

    It is therefore not surprising that this "esdorp" is one of the departure points of the Drenthe bike 4 days. During day two of the four-day Podium.TV took a look in Norg, where a cozy market and live music made for a wonderful summer day.

    More information: http://www.fiets4daagse.nl/startplaatsen/norg.html

    About this program:

    IN BEELD brengt de mensen van onze regio 'in beeld'.

    Wekelijks gaat Podium.TV op pad om de inwoners van dorpen in het Noorden van Nederland in beeld te brengen. Om bijzondere mensen te ontmoeten, het dorp te bekijken en prachtige verhalen te horen.