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Week-eind | Episode 5 | Old Stars, Outdoor Plays, Escape Hunt & COMO Trucks

Week-end, a great way to start the weekend. This week in Week End:


Episode 5: Old Stars, Outdoor Plays, Escape Hunt & COMO Trucks

First aired: Friday, 17 October 2014 at 18.00 hours

Week-end, a great way to start the weekend. This week in Week End:

The Old Stars Heerenveen and Cambuur Rob Kerkhove and Jaap bar are sharp for the derby of derbies.

Not only the players of both Friesian clubs are preparing for the important meeting of the two teams in the Premier League, but also the Old Stars make their appearance at the Abe Lenstra stadium.

Old Stars begins every week with cozy drinking coffee or tea and discussing football and other sporting news. Then follows the sports section with 'walking football', strength and agility exercises. There is professional guidance specifically aimed at seniors. Have fun together and work on a good condition are paramount. Walking Football is a variant of the regular football and is a success in England. In this variant may not run. This is to prevent injuries. You play 7 vs. 7 without keeper. The game is preferably played in a field with boarding. Also, there should be no sliding tackles are made. A lot of your playmaking requested. It is a perfect alternative for people who no longer play football or want to start with football. Until late in life.


Marjan Poutsma start crowdfunding action book on location-and Outdoor Plays

The growing popularity of the Outdoor Games and location in Friesland is time that a book appears on this form of theater. For his year, 2,400 people with active outdoor play, and there are more than 66,000 visitors off.

The phenomenon outdoor games thus attracts more visitors and has more staff than Oerol on Terschelling. Other northern provinces discover Frisian form of theater making and there are also next to the famous Shakespeare plays in Diever already playing in Groningen. Marjan Poutsma did all the scientific research into the outdoor games but now finds that there is a very readable book for the general public to come. But the problem is the financing of the 160-page book. Therefore, they start on October 22, a crowd funding to realize the book.


Groninger entrepreneur Johan Brakema lets you hunt for an escape

Johan Brakema opens in Groningen Escape Hunt and thus has a first for the Netherlands. Hunt Escape Experience is based on the classic "escape the rooms' games from Japan that are popular in many places in the world.

Players are locked in a room with simple objects which they have in a computer to have come. Rightly feel While looking for clues, riddles and mysteries you have 60 minutes to try to escape. What you need is a sharp mind, out of the box thinking and teamwork. Does not work, you then you are forever locked ... This idea has spread rapidly worldwide, but The Escape Hunt Experience is something completely innovate. You step back 150 years in time and with your colleagues or friends you should see a mystery to solve. The game is exciting, surreal, intense and unpredictable time.


Anne Bijker restarts with colleagues a bankrupt company

The company where Anne Bijker years worked went bankrupt and 30 employees were on the streets. Bijker and several colleagues drew the plunge and start the business again.

After the parent company of COMO Trucks went bankrupt the workshop was in Bolsward still long. There was no truck repaired. Sitting at home was really the last thing everyone was waiting for. Since the establishment in Bolsward okay Anne turned Bijker and his colleagues took over the company. A bold move at this time. Bijker was suddenly employer and employee have 15 of the 30 former employees back to work.


About this program:

Week-eind is a up-to-date talkshow to start with a good weekend.

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