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Week-eind | Episode 6 | with Dick Jansen

Week-end, a great way to start the weekend. This week in Week End:


Episode 6: with Dick Jansen

First aired: Friday, 24 October 2014 at 18.00 hours

Week-end, a great way to start the weekend. This week in Week End:

Ronald Obbes wants new TT celebrations in Assen Drenthe with a "heart"

After two years of difficulties concerning the TT partying it should be better able to find the Asser entrepreneurs led by Ronald Obbes and join hands one to get around the annual motorcycle festival organizing. Festivities with a "heart" again

The TT Festival did not go well this year. The Rotterdam organizer Speed Events disappeared last month of the ground and left a trail of unpaid bills. Numerous activities were not, the TT experience was not there and the music was not at the visitors in the taste. "It is time that we ourselves organize the festival and the festival again revive 'takes Ronald Obbes SME Downtown Association. Therefore, entrepreneurs are launching themselves now their plan under the motto "Assen Assen." In the new plan of the Downtown Association local entrepreneurs have joined forces with one goal, another great festival put on legs where the downtown association's director. The festival is around 4.5 tons of euros available.


Benefit In His Name, Euterpe and Die Twa for KWF.

Three renowned Frisian bands join forces for KWF. Gospelchoir In His Name (Drachten), giving music association Euterpe (Beetsterzwaag) and the popular pop duo Die Twa on Saturday, October 25th as a benefit in Frisian Congress Center in Drachten.

The proceeds will be donated to pioneering research into optimal breast cancer treatment to measure. It is also World Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Of the major musical event Podium.TV makes an atmospheric record which it broadcasts on Wednesday 29 October.

Drivers of the concert Wobbigje and Gurbe Tobacco from Oudega (Smallingerland). Wobbigje (47) was hit in 2011 by breast cancer. After an amputation and a spicy series chemotherapy she perfectly recovered. Because this is not given, she took with her husband initiated a benefit concert for KWF. The proceeds will be donated to groundbreaking research hospital Maastricht UMC to tailor treatment for patients with a mastectomy has occurred. "As more people survive cancer, there is increasing attention to the quality of life. Even after treatment. Right now it is essential that research is being done on breast cancer treatment with optimal results and minimize the impact on the daily life of the patient, "says oncologist Marjolein Smidt UMC , Maastricht.


Eef de Boer debuts at the 43rd edition of the New York Marathon.

The 22 year old student from Groningen Eef de Boer decided last November to the New York Marathon to walk. She is now in training for her first marathon to walk through the Big Apple on November 2 a year.

The New York City Marathon, along with the Boston Marathon and the Chicago Marathon is one of the biggest running events in the United States. In recent years, the competition takes place on the first Sunday of November. It will start this year, about 50,000 runners.

Eefje decided the NY marathon for KIKA to walk and put a number of actions to get. The required start-up capital together Her sponsor share is ? 5700, - but Eef there may be more...

But is running a marathon as healthy as we think, and what are the dangers of such a big effort? Recently deceased a few athletes after the marathon of Eindhoven and the Dam to Dam. At table doctor Eric Wijthoff, a former runner and has run the New York Marathon itself.


Peter van der Bell FINN innovates current klapskate a possible race machine.

With the renewed klapskate of FINN from Stadskanaal 10 kilometers by ten to twenty seconds can be made by the world faster.

At least that is the sacred conviction of Peter van der Klok Finn. They come with a completely new design clap skate on the market soon. The world would be somewhere 20 and 12 minute 30 to be between 12 minutes. The change is in the folding system, which now works with a spring but works in the new skating with magnets in the hinge point. And that is according to van der Klok profits over the long haul. The spring generates more resistance than magnets. Finn has built a reputation as a developer of the clap skate. Several world records have been driven by Finn skates.


About this program:

Week-eind is a up-to-date talkshow to start with a good weekend.

Dick Jansen receives guests at the table who have special stories to tell or get enthusiastic about ideas, or are at the center of the news or perhaps yet to come. A pleasant mix of news, information and entertainment.