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Week-eind | Episode 7 | Soccer canteen, 48HFP, Dyscalculia, Suksawat and Sikkom

Week end with this week: fill in sport canteens, or feed 48 hour film project, Dyscalculia and internet newspapers Sikkom and Suksawat.


Episode 7: Soccer canteen, 48HFP, Dyscalculia, Suksawat and Sikkom

First aired: Friday, 31 October 2014 at 18.00 hours

Week end with this week: fill in sport canteens, or feed 48 hour film project, Dyscalculia and internet newspapers Sikkom and Suksawat.

Filling or Feeding?

Is too one-sided and too fat usually offered in the Dutch soccer canteen food. TV presenter Wilfred Genee devised an action to offer a better and healthier alternative.

Together with his wife Lili he wrote a book about healthy nutrition for children, entitled Filling or Feeding. This book is the basis to provide the youth in the canteens conscious alternative. We can create 20,000 new members in Netherlands 50 canteens healthier. One of the canteens taking part of VV Gasselternijveen. Is Besides the usual offerings they should also offer healthy food and provide information on healthier foods. Edwin van der Vries is the ambassador of the action at the Drenthe football. Along with dietician and marathon skater Janneke Ensing they devise healthy snacks with fun names such as the Ball wide, the Panna-Halal Pizza and one tweetje.De canteen VV Gasselternijveen is one of the two canteens that participate in the project of the major rivers.


The 48 Hour Film Project in Northern Film Festival

The 48 Hour Film Project is a wild and sleepless weekend in which a film crew to make a complete short film within 48 hours. In 2014, the 48HFP held around the world in more than 120 cities, and create more than 60,000 people short films. During the Northern Film Festival in Leeuwarden the result of the creative expressions of the filmmakers take place.

Last year, the film won "Freds last minute" by filmmaker Ismaël Lotz and his team of filmmakers and starring Wybo Smids. The film won in New Orleans a prize in the category "Best Acting Ensemble". The Week-End table Ismaël Lotz and Wybo Smids another look back at those tumultuous 48 hours last year.


Dyscalculia a problem for many students

The 13-year-old Clinge Blokhuis sits on the high school and is a very intelligent student. He takes on all subjects award-. However Clingenburg has dyscalculia and thereby failing the maths test next year is required in order to meet the final exam. How Clingenburg also exercises and does his best to count and he does not get his math dyscalculia mastered. Clinge, who has a gift for languages, can any study result, forget it. His father Jules Log Cabin has now started an action to this problem that many more children have to bring to the attention. And to get more supporters so that the mathematics test can be modified. Log Cabin mind that children with tight sixes may well get a degree but smart kids with high grades' math by dyscalculia not.


Sikkom is again Suksuwat

The popular internet newspapers Suksawat and Sikkom thriving. Both companies journalism in its own unique and individual way. Not only real journalists write for both Internet newspapers but also be powered by a large network of "the man in the street" who supply much copy. Suksawat was last year during the big fire in the center of Leeuwarden even leading in the actual and direct reporting by this large network of reporters.


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