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Week-eind | Episode 8 | Warhorse MartiniPlaza, Prins Bernhard hoeve and Jeroen de Jong

Week-end, a great way to start the weekend. This week in Week End:


Episode 8: Warhorse MartiniPlaza, Prins Bernhard hoeve and Jeroen de Jong

First aired: Friday, 7 November 2014 at 18.00 hours

Week-end, a great way to start the weekend. This week in Week End:

Warhorse comes to MartiniPlaza

War Horse tells the impressive story of the boy Albert, whose beloved horse Joey confiscated to fight in the First World War. It is a remarkable story of friendship and courage that partly told through pioneering puppet of the South African Handspring Puppet Company, in which breathing and galloping life-size horses are brought to life on stage. Is Warhorse a public magnet, where the musical will also be staged . But how is that in Groningen? How does theater manager programming Annerie Knol Martini Plaza attracts the general public to Groningen?


Prins Bernhard hoeve

The Prince Bernhardhoeve Zuidlaren stopped her fairs and events. The complex is now the permanent sand sculpture park to see and the name is also changed to Sculpture Park Prince Bernhardhoeve . Eventually the name ' Prince Bernhardhoeve ' will disappear . A radical decision that director John Franke has taken. He was inspired to because on May 10 the Sculpture Park 'De Hondsrug verbeeldt' opened her doors. This exhibition attracted more than fifteen thousand visitors over the past few months .

This decision means that the Black Market, the small animals show the North Show, dance parties and car shows disappear from the agenda from Zuidlaren. Some events were more than 35 years in the complex. But according to Franke it is the combination of sand sculptures with arcade , theater, laser show , Brick Sart and the link with the Geopark Hondsrug that saved the Prince Bernhardhoeve . Franke also wants to bring the World Sand Sculpture to Zuidlaren.


The street-musician Jeroen de Jong

When you are shopping in Leeuwarden you might often see him: the street-musician Jeroen de Jong. After an eventful life of wandering and addiction he has found "the way back " . Music is his passion. Only Jeroen had to play by the rules of the municipality of Leeuwarden and apply for a permit to play in the street. But Jeroen doesn have the knowledge of the licensing system and the money. The Leeuwarden magician Joop Fenstra jump has helped Jeroen many times , he conducted a one -man action and got the license for Jeroen. But , all buskers must now have a license and that goes VVD councilor Serge Hollander too far. Esspecially now when Leeuwarden becomes the cultural capital of Europe in 2018. Hollander is now trying to edit the policy that no authorization is required for street performers. Unfortunately this fight is not over.


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