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Week-eind | Episode 9 | Elzewieke Borger, Bonte Wever, .FRL & lets Gro!

Elzewieke from Utopia, action for the ice rink in Assen, a new extension .FRL and inspiration at Let's Gro in Groningen.


Episode 9: Elzewieke Borger, Bonte Wever, .FRL & lets Gro!

First aired: Friday, 14 November 2014 at 18.00 hours

Elzewieke from Utopia, action for the ice rink in Assen, a new extension .FRL and inspiration at Let's Gro in Groningen.

Elzewieke Borger wiser from Utopia?

Elzewieke Borger has got enough spirits when she went into the Utopia house of SBS. But after a few weeks she had already run out the gate and into the real world . The viewers of the program have been able to follow her adventures and form an opinion .

But was her own experience?

Utopia , a group of fifteen different people , the pioneers of our time, say their current life goodbye . One year they build a completely new life, a new community, and they start with almost nothing ! All they have is a bare shed on a rough piece of land, a modest livestock, a connection to water and electricity, one phone and a sum of money in cash to build their habitat and the first months to survive.


A warm action for a ice rink

According to the shareholder Jan Smit (chairman at Heracles Almelo) the Ice rink the Bonte Wever Assen can close next year. There is no money to renovate the complex and therefore there are literally thousands of skaters on ice. A group of concerned skaters have now put up a campaign to preserve the Asser rink. The aim is to get as many people on the move to get the provincial and municipal politics so far to get the necessary money on the table. The money is for renovation or even a new construction.


Website extension .FRL

After .nl, .com, .net, and a lot more of Internet extensions , there is soon a world primiere. Friesland is in the new issue of 1,400 new extensions their own place on the internet world map . The new issued extensions are a few big names, such .LONDEN and amsterdam. Friesland wants to distinguish itself with .FRL on the worldwide web. At this time there are a large number of pioneers who use .FRL already in the testing phase that will go online on December 2 . The company " We are grutsk " from Leeuwarden is one of the pioneers and the .FRL put their name on the Internet. But what gives the new extension for added value in the use of Internet for Frisian companies and organizations?


Let?s Gro!

In 2014 Let's Gro goes in search of new ideas and initiatives for the future of the city and region. Inspiration by people with energy and good plans . In 2014, a new dimension is added because a good idea is not enough . In order to get plans more is necessary. That requires courage, creativity and entrepreneurship. City and region can be inspired by people who come from Groningen. Entrepreneurs who have studied in Groningen or their careers started and then their dreams, ambitions and plans have been fulfilled.

Let's Gro invite those entrepreneurs to help the planners and promoters from today and give them a helping hand to their success , life lessons and experiences. A good idea into a successful business! During Let's Gro there are several activities on Friday 21st and Saturday, November 22nd. The activities are aimed at different stages where you are at as an entrepreneur : from just an idea to you do not know how; to improve your existing business or to go a step further.


About this program:

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