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Week-eind | Episode 10 | Bert Hadders, Bosklopper tapes, De Koriande, Elze Schollema & Oes

The Boskloppertapes of Bert Hadders, The Michelin star is always shining for masterchef Jan Gaastra, free APK at willful garage and Oes is her world of ?plastic? , or not?


Episode 10: Bert Hadders, Bosklopper tapes, De Koriande, Elze Schollema & Oes

First aired: Friday, 21 November 2014 at 18.00 hours

The Boskloppertapes of Bert Hadders, The Michelin star is always shining for masterchef Jan Gaastra, free APK at willful garage and Oes is her world of ?plastic? , or not?

Bert Hadders (and the Nozems)

In the summer of 2008 Bert Hadders a singer and songwriter musicians ' Peerd and Woagen ', a piece of theater Peerd . At that time make bassist and guitarist Johan Viswat Wyno Bruinsma nightlife of Groningen unsafe. Their band Lazy Dog despite nationwide success defunct and the men are ready for a new challenge. It is a legendary summer and further cooperation is obvious . From summer 2013, the Nozems by attracting drummer Marcel Wolthof a quartet.

The Bosklopper tapes.

In 2012 Bert Hadders bought an old tape recorder with a bag full of tapes with songs from the 50s and 60. The purchase turned out to be the property of the anthropologist Drs. Gradus J. Bosklopper . This scientist has in the fifties and sixties dozens of recordings Veen Colonial artists . Inspired all those songs when Bert for making a CD.

Saturday November 29th is the premiere of the Molenberg in Delfzijl.

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The Koriander for the 16th times got a Michelinster

Middle of Friesland , between the Frisian lakes and Forests is Restaurant ' Coriander ' in the heart of Drachten. Since 1994, Jan and Corry Gaastra run their restaurant. Meanwhile, it is on the international culinary map.

In 2000, the Queen's Commissioners of the three northern provinces have opened the property in Drachten. Michelin restaurant awarded a star since 1999.

Jan has a style of cooking that you can call it fair. Fresh and delicious local products adorn the board. No frills. Coriander is a restaurant where everyone can feel at home, warm, welcoming and very spacious. Jan Gaastra is proud of its Michelin star but also a man of the type not cold pressed . Just do then do crazy enough . Socializing with the guests for Jan paramount.

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Elze Schollema

Elze Schollema is perhaps the most willful garage owner from the Netherlands. Recently he gives away a free APK for people who have to live with the help of the Food Bank , while also not very much more in the car industry. There are people who have a car for the door, and perhaps only a tenner a month for gasoline. They use the car for the essentials such as a hospital visit. Therefore Elze doing the inspection for free for these people. But he also writes and has published several volumes of poetry . But if someone wants a tattoo then turns his hand Elze not for that. Above the garage he has a tattoo shop . A few years back Elze had a very difficult time and when the strength to get back on its feet he found his way in Buddhism.

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Oes , born in the winter of 1989 , grew up in a musical and multicultural family. In addition to her work in the dance and fitness industry as an instructor she follows a university study psychology. In 2012 Oes got the chance to start a professional career as a singer. Her love for entertainment , music and language are reflected in her repertoire. She makes Dutch pop music characterized by substantive texts here and a wink.

Oes released two singles in 2014 which Love Songs is the first and also the only remake of an original song . Love Songs, released in 1993 by the Jazz Police, was a hit in the 90s . "The operation of OES is unintentionally closer to the original musical idea ," the Jazz Police.

Plastic is the title of the second single from Oes . Plastic and Love songs were released by Proper English , a young company from the North that talented women entrepreneurs support in making creative products. Besides performing artist is Oes as an entrepreneur involved in the support that Proper English.

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