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BACH'S Race Journaal | Episode 13 | Final SC 1000 of the OW Cup.

The big final of the OW Supercup 600.

BACH'S Race Journaal

Episode 13: Final SC 1000 of the OW Cup.

First aired: Monday, 24 November 2014 at 18.40 hours

The big final of the OW Supercup 600.

In episode 13 of Bach's Race News we report the final of the SC 1000 in the OW Cup.

The last two games were held on September 27th for this cup. In the final race , the championship is still not decided.

A battle of the last two title contenders Arjan van Hooren and Erwin Druijff . Erwin has only one mission and another shot at the championship by winning this competition , as one race .

Arjan should reach at least a fourth place for the hard fought championship. Tension to the last meter, even in the run- rounds the gentlemen are not entirely sure of their race!


About this program:

BACH's race journal is a weekly program over the motor (road) sport.

Expert on motor racing and filmmaker Bach Lamboo makes every week a report from an OW-cup or ONK motorcycle racing. The majority of the reports will naturally be included on the TT circuit of Assen, but there will also be filmed in other Dutch and foreign circuits.