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Week-eind | Episode 11 | Bird flu, Rythm of the Dance, Regional languages & Edwin Jongedijk

Northern poultry in trouble, the future of the regional languages ??, Rhythm of the Dance and musician Edwin Jongedijk.


Episode 11: Bird flu, Rythm of the Dance, Regional languages & Edwin Jongedijk

First aired: Friday, 28 November 2014 at 18.00 hours

Northern poultry in trouble, the future of the regional languages ??, Rhythm of the Dance and musician Edwin Jongedijk.

Poultry farmers suffer from bird flu

Last week Poultry farmer Johan Baas would have had 150,000 chicks in his stables but got Dijksma State puts a stop in here in connection with the avian flu.

The chicks from hatcheries Lichtenvoorde but the next three weeks may not drop chicks. Around the area where his boss chicks come from is not established disease . Baas rovides a large number of bankruptcies in the sector with this measure and is very angry about the measures covered under him. Especially since there never has been bird flu detected in the poultry farms . Johan Boss expects that he and his colleagues are compensated in any way . For broiler farms this means for the next six weeks, no income and a possible shortage of chicken in the stores. Weekly cost the industry about ? 10 million.

Rythm of the Dance

This two-hour dance and music show contains a wealth of Irish talent. Using modern art forms one travels with this show by the old and the new Ireland. It is a combination of traditional dance and music with the most up- to-date theater technology. Rhythm of the Dance is with this new show in the Irish and international entertainment world rated as one of the most popular and busiest Irish dance shows in the world. Rhythm of the Dance strives to preserve the traditions of Irish dance and present the show yet in the most modern form . In this way, it has become the best Irish dance show there is. The 22 dancers are backed by a live band and three tenors.

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Regional languages die out or are they alive ?

The regional languages may be extinct within a few decades . At least now if nothing is done to preserve them . At a conference in Hoogeveen last week was this statement addressed.

There is a generation that the regional languages will no longer learn to speak and read because the schools mainly taught in Dutch . Partly because the opportunity for young people would be better to get a job if they speak Dutch and does not operate a regional language. There are also fewer and fewer writers who hold a regional language alive. This year the harvest was of Drenthe , Groningen and the Stellingwerven very thin, only a few collections of poetry and ten books. One of the writers was Ferdinand de Jong . He still writes his books in Frisian and recently released his fourth book entitled " Sa " . The question is , can a regional language exist or keep alive when so little is produced?

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Edwin Jongedijk

Edwin Jongedijk has heard as gifted Groningen Multilingual songwriter. His first single "As I The Pat Zol Kriegen " was an instant success . Since his first contact with the Groningen is Jongedijk liked the sound and the use of this dialect. But to write texts in Groningen , had not occurred to him . Until the moment Jongedijk suddenly got a few sentences in his head on a drizzly Sunday morning that began to form a couplet . Two hours later, he wrote his first song Groningen speaking .

The numbers generally show a tendency towards melancholy. The all-encompassing theme is "life", because it just was once the largest source of inspiration.

Currently Edwin Jongedijk can also be seen and heard in a number of theaters as one of the Troebadoers , together with Jan Henk de Groot and Alex Visseringstraat . Besides writing songs and singing in Groningen , Edwin is still active as a singer , songwriter and guitarist of the rock band country Taneytown.

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