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Week-eind | Episode 12 | Lammi Luten, Ronald Smink and Sinterklaas


    Episode 12: Lammi Luten, Ronald Smink and Sinterklaas

    First aired: Friday, 5 December 2014 at 17.00 hours

    Lammi Luten is talking about her book that goes about her murdered daughter , comedian Ronald Smink premieres and of course Sinterklaas.

    " The Promise " by Lammi Luten

    That? the name of the second book of Lammi Luten that was presented this week . The book is a description of the last 14 years and follows the book " Coming home " . Lammi describes how she and her husband perished after the murder of her daughter Andrea on May 10, 1993 .

    After it was found a culprit in 2010 through a DNA match , she immediately declared once again to speak with the murderer of her daughter. In April of this year she met Henk F. Zwolle prison.

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    Comedian Ronald Smink

    Ronald Smink is a true Northerner . Born and raised in the Frisian Joure In Groningen Ronald won both the jury - all audience of the Groningen Student Cabaret Festival in 2007.

    Ronald is regularly featured in the line-up of the Hyenas , the comedy group which is set up from his beloved city of Groningen.

    2014 premiere in Posthuis Heerenveen - The emergence of a terrier.

    In recent years , Ronald in its programs ' Bor Knok "and" Bonanza " look to have extraordinary talents. The absurd but also very recognizable humor of this Fries comes to full fruition in his new , third full-length program.

    In ' The emergence of a terrier "says Ronald on his own eccentric way about that for years he has been in combat, his confidence.

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    The editors asked for Sinterklaas to come by . At least if he has the saintly time in this busy period to sit at the Week - end table. There are plenty of questions to ask at the Sint but if we get all the answers, that's the question.

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