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In beeld | Episode 18 | Ulrum - The treasure chamber of Ulrum

    In beeld

    Episode 18: Ulrum - The treasure chamber of Ulrum

    First aired: Thursday, 11 December 2014 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode , Roos is in the village Ulrum (Groningen - Ollerom).

    Ulrum is a village in the municipality of De Marne in the north of the Dutch province of Groningen. It lies on the road from Winsum to Lauwersoog . The village Ulrum is known to many because of the Secession in 1834. Reverend Henry Cock could not unite with the liberal attitudes and way of preaching in the Dutch Reformed Church.

    There are hundreds of villages in the northern provinces and all of them are worth to get the attention. Highlights with Rose. Who will be next in a spontaneously conversation with Rose?

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    IN BEELD brengt de mensen van onze regio 'in beeld'.

    Wekelijks gaat Podium.TV op pad om de inwoners van dorpen in het Noorden van Nederland in beeld te brengen. Om bijzondere mensen te ontmoeten, het dorp te bekijken en prachtige verhalen te horen.