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Week-eind | Episode 13 | Inbeeld, Bouke, earthquakes in Groningen & Wind power

Inbeeld with Rose, Bouke as Elvis , it rumbles in Groningen and wind energy in Friesland , all this week in Week-end.


Episode 13: Inbeeld, Bouke, earthquakes in Groningen & Wind power

First aired: Friday, 12 December 2014 at 17.00 hours

Inbeeld with Rose, Bouke as Elvis , it rumbles in Groningen and wind energy in Friesland , all this week in Week-end.

Inbeeld brings the people of our region " in the picture"

Weekly Podium.TV hits the road to bring the people of our beautiful villages in the north of the Netherlands in the picture . To meet special people , to see the village and told wonderful stories. Central question of Rose to the people is why their village is worth living in. There are hundreds of villages in the northern provinces and all of them are worth to get the attention.

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Bouke as Elvis

Bouke was born in Emmen. He sang at a young age with the songs his father played with the accordion. His idols were Jackie Wilson , Elvis Presley and Tom Jones. His latest English single " Dreamgirl " is an original composition. Bouke sings in both Dutch and English .

In a rousing finale of the RTL 4 program "Where's Elvis ?" Bouke has shown that Elvis is still alive. Bouke won this final trip to Las Vegas and a show in Carré. Bouke has continued imitating Elvis. In the TV program ' The Winner Takes It All ' Bouke won with the highest score ever . Bouke therefore goes right through to the grand final . With two amazing covers ( " In The Ghetto " and " Always On My Mind " ) Bouke crowned the unbeatable favorite of this broadcast. The finale of " The Winner Takes It All 'can be seen on 27 December.

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It rumbles in Groningen

The earthquakes in Groningen keep the people pretty busy. Residents live in fear and are often at loss how it comes that their house get damaged. this week The magazine Noorderbreedte released a special on the residents in northeastern Groningen. In this issue residents gets to talk about how earthquakes are their concerns . Editor Annelies van der Goot talks about the magazine and the issues surrounding the earthquakes.

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Wind power in Friesland

The provincial council of Friesland has before 1 January decide how the rich will deliver the required number of megawatts coming from wind power. There are several schools of various organizations and residents for and against. There are now some plans ready that can be implemented . On one hand, 20 small-scale wind farms or a large park in the IJsselmeer or the Afsluitdijk.

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