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FC Emmen TV | Episode 19 | FC Volendam and Joop Gall viewers questions

    FC Emmen TV

    Episode 19: FC Volendam and Joop Gall viewers questions

    First aired: Monday, 15 December 2014 at 17.40 hours

    In this special episode of FC Emmen TV we look back not only on the 4-1 victory of FC Volendam with Frank Olijve , Boy Deul and Soufiane Laghmouchi and Joop Gall answers viewers questions in the section Ask Gall.

    Because of the many questions this week, there is no episode of behind The Scenes and FC Emmen TV Latje Trap.

    About this program:

    Magazine with everything about the soccer club FC Emmen. Looking back from the last game and get acquaintance with the players and staff of FC Emmen.

    General director Wim Beekman wants the fans to get further connect with the club. "We find it very important that the supporters are informed in different ways about their club.

    In recent months, we noticed that the items of FC Emmen TV are widely viewed and we also get a lot of positive reactions”, says Beekman.

    FC Emmen TV is the soccer magazine around FC Emmen, with a look behind the scenes at the club. There also will be a look back on the games of FC Emmen, interviews with the coach and the players, but also the viewers will learn more how a professional soccer team operates.

    In addition, there is attention for friendly matches played by the club and will address a variety of activities of the club.

    FC Emmen TV is made by René Posthuma.