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    Eredivision basketball: Aris Leeuwarden against Donar Groningen

    First aired: Tuesday, 16 December 2014 at 19.40 hours

    The basketball Derby of the North. That's how this game can be called.

    Traditionally Donar has it always difficult and certainly the matches to be played in December in Kalverdijke. Ranking in the league Donar is in the middle and Aris is a few places lower. On Tuesday, December 16th they play against each other in the Kalverdijk in Leeuwarden. Podium.TV broadcast this match LIVE from 19.40 hours.

    On 28 October Donar won the home game against Aris with 86-54 . In Donar play three players, who played previously for Aris . Craig Osaikhwuwuomwan, Lance Jeter and Mark Sanchez. Sanchez is only recently joined the Groningen and wants to leave an impressive performance in Leeuwarden.

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