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Week-eind | Episode 15 | Carolina Verhoeven, Jeen vd Berg, Linde Nijland & Bert Ridderbos


    Episode 15: Carolina Verhoeven, Jeen vd Berg, Linde Nijland & Bert Ridderbos

    First aired: Friday, 26 December 2014 at 17.00 hours

    Week-eind on Boxing Day with film material about Herman Brood , cooking with Carolina Verhoeven, a documentary about Jeen van den Berg and Folk Music Linde Nijland.

    Documentary about Herman Brood

    Saturday and Sunday sends Podium.TV by Peter Wichers, Evert Shop, Roeland Dijksterhuis and Buk Ekkers made a documentary 'Brood on Market ' on the Groningen period of Herman Brood. This documentary is an exclusive concert recording composed of previously unseen archive material. An ode to the music and the art of living which was Brood , both before and behind the scenes. Brood on the market is a prelude to the documentary "I consider you a friend or as ' that will be released later in 2015 .

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    Cooking with Carolina Verhoeven

    Carolina Verhoeven , culinary ethnologist and owner of Country Kitchen and Culinary Academy of History , is interested in everything that has to do with food preparation . From cradle to grave, from spring to winter sowing to harvesting . Culinary ethnology, history of food , especially in the kitchen of the countryside.

    Knowledge and experience they would like to pass on to the next generation as culinary heritage. This by classifying and publishing. Especially the hidden stories behind kitchenware have her special attention. In short, the culinary life of man.

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    Lolkama about Jeen van den Berg

    On October 8, 2014 Jeen van den Berg died at the age of 86 . Jeen van den Berg is a skating legend . He won in 1954 the elfstedentocht and is still the last Frieze who won ' the tour of tours '.

    Eight years before his death, Steven de Jong sought the Frisian television and film director Jeen van den Berg at home . He spoke with him includes winning the elfstedentocht in '54, but also about his stroke and death. This documentary is to be seen on Boxing Day.

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    Folk Music of Linde Nijland and Bert Ridderbos

    Folk singer and singer-songwriter Linde Nijland is among the top European folk. She performs at home and abroad and made a total of 10 CDs. With her crystal clear voice and Irish, English and American folk repertoire grafted know they touch any audience. Linde acts since 2005 with multi-instrumentalist Bert Ridderbos (ao also known by the Groningen dialect group Torf ) on guitars, banjo and accordion.

    inde's latest album, " I Am Here " was released in March 2014 . The magazine Heaven says: "Better than folk singer Linde Nijland in the Netherlands can not be found and even abroad you will have to search diligently ."

    Linde was more than 15 years part of the famous folk group Ygdrassil . In 2009 she sang at the special invitation of Joe Boyd (producer by Nick Drake, Pink Floyd, Kate & Anna McGarrigle ) at the Barbican Hall in London, at a one-off reunion concert of Fairport Convention .

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