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Muziek uit het Noorden | Episode 28 | Music on Stage

Postmen, Dudettes, Syb van der Ploeg and Kevin & Andre XL

Muziek uit het Noorden

Episode 28: Music on Stage

First aired: Thursday, 8 January 2015 at 17.20 hours

Postmen, Dudettes, Syb van der Ploeg and Kevin & Andre XL

Weekly show with a healthy dose of live performances from our own archives such as the liberation , the Night of the Koemarkt and 'muziektent'.

In this episode of Music On Stage :

Postman - Wake ´m Up

Postman is a pseudonym of musician Remon Stotijn also known as Anonymous Mis. As founder of the popular Dutch group Postmen he took the name after the breakup of the group and went solo as Postman.

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Dudettes – Yes

Dudettes is a pop / rock band , which is led by Cynthia (guitar), Ingrid ( drums) and frontwoman Zjoly (lead vocals). The soulful rock sound is well received and get recognition from the audience that is familiar with the energetic live sound of the band. Dudettes is a very popular festival band with an excellent live reputation .

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Syb van der Ploeg - Don´t Stop me now

Syb van der Ploeg is a singer, composer and lyricist . The music career of this charismatic singer starts in the mid 80s. SYB got national fame as the frontman of the 'Kast” , one of the most popular Dutch bands , mid 90. In the ten years of its existence, the group won a dozen of gold and platinum records, as well as some TMF Awards and an Edison for best live act .

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Kevin, André, Jeroen en Femke – Jolene en This Love

Kevin and Andre played 10 years together in the popular top 100 band Kevin's Crew and achieved great successes , such as a number 41 ranking in the Dutch Top 100. Kevin and Andre knew it back then; their combination is more than just making music !

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About this program:

In het programma Muziek uit het Noorden kom je muziekclips tegen van bekende artiesten en opkomend talent.

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