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Week-eind | Episode 17 | Pigeon Olympiad, Dating with disabilities and Hospitak Dokkum

Pigeon Olympiad in Budapest, dating is not always easy and The Sionsberg Hospital saved? Or not.


Episode 17: Pigeon Olympiad, Dating with disabilities and Hospitak Dokkum

First aired: Friday, 9 January 2015 at 17.00 hours

Pigeon Olympiad in Budapest, dating is not always easy and The Sionsberg Hospital saved? Or not.

Hospitak The Sionsberg

The hospital in Dokkum came by the actions of the people in the North East Friesland. With a variety of actions of money collected to build a "private" hospital. Years flourished until the hospital well in scale, specialization and a change in the care the hospital was too small to be profitable. Insurers did not make more purchases because it would be relatively expensive and threatened closure of the hospital. Recently the hospital was declared bankrupt with the result that the hospital would disappear from Dokkum.

Carers must go to other hospitals in Leeuwarden and Drachten. For the population to not digest solution. The distance would be too large for acute care . But many actions have yielded a bit . There is now an investor who wants to operate the hospital and wants to offer basic care for northeastern Friesland. However, it is still skepticism among activists because how is one of the major insurance companies now make income with the new operator ? On January 17, should ensure these plans are around the future of the hospital.

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Dating for people with disabilities

Dating is sometimes a second nature, but for many people it is not so obvious. Especially for people with disabilities. Marieke de Groot and Marike Hoekstra opened a dating site to mediate the needs of the disabled people and guide them to a date. Was the first regional dating site for Drenthe and Groningen , the success of the site, people with disabilities across the country now enroll and dating.

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Pigeon Olympiad

Sometimes the pigeon sport is frowned upon but there is a real pigeon Olympiad. Every two years the best pigeons stride to a place in the world to be elected the best pigeon with the best flight results. This year's Olympiad is in Hungarian Budapest. The participants come from 18 European countries. From North Netherlands there are three men going. The past two years, these three had the best flight results with their pigeons. Next week they travel to Budapest.

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