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Muziek uit het Noorden | Episode 31 | Music from the North of the Netherlands

Yuko Yuko, Swinder, Stuart Mavis, Martyn Ell and Sväva.

Muziek uit het Noorden

Episode 31: Music from the North of the Netherlands

First aired: Thursday, 15 January 2015 at 17.20 hours

Yuko Yuko, Swinder, Stuart Mavis, Martyn Ell and Sväva.

Muziek is a weekly show with a healthy dose of music videos, there is something for everyone! In this episode of music from the north: clips from Friese and Groningse bands who will be playing at Eurosonic/Noorderslag 2015.

Yuko Yuko - Whenn I cry, You'll smile (from Friesland)

Yuko Yuko , the wonderfully boisterous slackerpopact around the hyper- productive 19 year old bedroom musician Elias Elgersma , based in Dokkum.

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Swinder - Noar Stad (from Groningen)

Born and raised in the shadow of Groningen city and with a limited vocabulary to Groninger ' moi' singer-songwriter Bass Schröder ( 1983) knows nothing of the dialect spoken in the village for years.

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Stuart Mavis - Different generations (from Groningen)

According to the newspaper “Dagblad van het Noorden” Stuart Mavis makes beautiful , cascading pop songs with more than a hint of rap and soul.

With only one demo online is Mavis Stuart more than fifty times to see live in 2013. He builds his band an excellent live reputation and plays at the Liberation festivals of Friesland and Groningen and as support act of Moss.

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Martyn Ell - The bus (from Groningen/Friesland)

With Y double L , the debut EP by Martyn Ell . For many, the first encounter with singer, guitarist and songwriter Ivo Martijn van Linschoten.

He is 23 years young, is in the midst of student life , and that is clearly heard in his music. Martyn Ell sings about matters that on his age are doing such as trips with friends abroad , exploring the world, dealing with girls and a combination of that all.

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Sväva- Flown (from Friesland)

From trips they made together through Scotland, England and France frontwoman Bente Wood and guitarist Michelle Hindriks took inspiration for the songs Sväva. Dreamy vocals and echoing guitar riffs , combined with steady drums and walk -income samples, forms the foundation of the music of the indie / dreampop band: music that displays the art of contradiction.

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In het programma Muziek uit het Noorden kom je muziekclips tegen van bekende artiesten en opkomend talent.

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