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Week-eind | Episode 19 | Dennis Mulder, Albert Secuur, René Becker & Folkert Wesseling

Folkert's van is coming, this must be magic, Albert Secuur the new face of Albert Heijn and music by René Becker.


Episode 19: Dennis Mulder, Albert Secuur, René Becker & Folkert Wesseling

First aired: Friday, 23 January 2015 at 17.00 hours

Folkert's van is coming, this must be magic, Albert Secuur the new face of Albert Heijn and music by René Becker.

Magician Dennis Mulder

Step into the wonderful world of magic, step into the world of Dennis Mulder. With its dynamic and amazing shows he always knows how the play with the audience. You will discover one surprise after another. Dennis is all set to entertain the audience.

Dennis is a young, energetic and humorous performer born in 1994 in Heerenveen. He was entertained at a young age and was already working with people and loved to be in the spotlight. Singing, music, acting and entertaining seemed to fit him like a glove. At his 14th year Dennis was really captivated by the magic. The "magic virus" had seized him and soon he managed to amaze everyone with his magic arts.

Dennis is a member of the magic club "Magic Ring Friesland", a club of many famous magicians and who is also affiliated with the NMU, Dutch Magical Union, an umbrella organization for all Dutch conjuring associations and a recognized stage for magic. In 2011, Dennis took part in the Dutch Championship for Junior Magic. He finished in 4th place and received the incentive award.

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Albert Secuur the Actor

"Acting is all about imagination."
"Acting is actually " agreed lying' : the audience and the actors know that in order to be credible and how each performance gets done ... that is my motivation in the theater." Albert Secuur.

With great pleasure he look back at the performances in which he has played. For some time he has been a regular guest actor connected to the North Dutch Theatre. After stunning performances as Behind Countries and Theiresias he could make this season a solo performance. It was ' Woensdag Gehaktdag " about the life of Richard Klinkhamer.

A writer who hit his wife and then wrote a book about it. An exciting project with Tom de Ket as director and co-writer. A piece that caused a stir. The 'Drentsche Blue Opera" was a gem, culminating in a sold-play Carré. In youth theater De Steeg plays a number of shows which states a social issue addressed and which is trying to penetrate the world of the young.

He is still working as a voice actor and he sometimes makes presentations custom made for business. And occasionally he plays in a commercial, such as Cruesli Quaker. And last, the Christmas commercial of Albert Heijn.
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René Becker

The life of the enthusiastic Rene Becker is full of action and is always full of surprises. One of the most famous Stadskanaal man tackles every challenge and make some of it. "You get what you give" is his motto! So it has happen that René had his own casual chlothing store in Amsterdam's Kalverstraat, something you normally do not expect from the Groninger.

Driven by his adventurous character René climbed on stage at a party in the canteen of his football clup SC Stadskanaal. The audience was very enthusiastic and before he knew it he was just an artist in all kinds of celebrations and events. And that his passion for football was giving up didn't matter.

The life of René consists action and work with enthusiasm to his career as an artist. His fans are unanimous: " Rene Becker deserves to be called simply the best artist.

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Folkert Wesseling

"BUS" terbaarlijk is a new presentation of Folkert Wesseling.

In cooperation with the National Public Transport Museum Ouwsterhaule, people can enjoy the "Theater Bus Tour". This is a success and we have decided to bring this experience in theatrical revival. And that does Folkert Wesseling, in its own way. He's always looking for a different way of theater than people are used to. He is not yet in theaters, but he makes his own stage in a bus.

"BUSterbaarlijk" is a new form of going to the theater. Audience will also see no ordinary show, but a mix of cabaret and theater. This bus is also making a ride around the Tjeukemeer. While driving the people are treated to hilarious scenes.

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