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Week-eind | Episode 20 | More congress, Inge Okken, Egbert Swierts en Het Ambacht

The North is congress country, Movies of dearly deceased, what can you do with a drone and sustainable restaurant wins award.


Episode 20: More congress, Inge Okken, Egbert Swierts en Het Ambacht

First aired: Friday, 30 January 2015 at 17.00 hours

The North is congress country, Movies of dearly deceased, what can you do with a drone and sustainable restaurant wins award.

More congress in the North

Friesland and Groningen want to make a case to bring major national and international conferences to the north. The north has a lot to offer for organizers of congresses. Not only the WTC in Leeuwarden or Martini Plaza in Groningen are excellent locations for a conference. The Waddeneilanden, the Frisian and Groninger Museum or the Woudagemaal for example are also very suitable. The partnership "North Holland" presented itself at a few large trade fairs last year. The contacts were made and now they come to the North to see with their own eyes what Friesland and Groningen has to offer. From all sides of the industry they response to allow this site visit. Large and international conferences are new and important input for the economy in the north.

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Inge Okken

After working for ten years as a filmmaker for television, Inge Okken wants to do something else. For the past three years she has been specialized in making documentary portrait which memories have the leading role. She was brought on the idea by the illness of her mother. She suffered from Alzheimer's disease, a disease that would erase her person slowly. From that day on she started filming her deliberately to maintain a tangible reminder of the mother who she was.

Her mother is now deceased. But the memories that are embedded in the images she made, are now helping her. With her films she wants to help people with saying goodbye to their loved ones to eventually to move on.

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Egbert Swierts

The legitimate use of drones or Quadricopters is currently very unclear in the Netherlands. May you now fly with such a device, and make pictures and movies or not. The flying machines are very popular actually. But people who buy a gadget hardly know what the rules are. On Youtube are appearing the most artistic films made? with such a flying camera. Recently a video got online of the Utrecht Dom tower looming out of the mist. Its makers were later fined but, according to what rules?

Egbert Swierts is director of Omni drones and professional photography and film. Despite the hazy legislation he sees indeed commercial opportunities for this new industry .

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Sustainable restaurant

The Award for 'Sustainable Restaurant of the Year 'by Gault Millau goes to Het Ambacht in Heerenveen. Own energy, local ingredients and socially responsible, Het Ambacht has it all. "Het Ambacht is a special restaurant", says the jury. Het Ambacht generates its own geothermal energy with a hot water pump. Everything is created by the restaurant self. And while they use only regional, mostly Frisian products, organic grains, dairy products, cheese, vegetables, all come from close to home.

Het Ambacht focuses on an important role in our Frisian society namely the reintegration of young people who, due to circumstances have a Wajong. Young people who deserve a fair chance at the difficult labor market, even if the start to do sometime is not good for several reasons. Het Ambacht will annually train ten to fifteen Wajong people to MBO level 2. Working and learning form an inseparable social component in our business philosophy, which is supported by chef Henk Markus. Het Ambacht believes in offering new opportunities to people previously classified as 'troubled'. We believe in young people and want to offer them a new horizon.

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