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    Korfbal League: LDODK Gorredijk against Blauw-Wit Amsterdam

    First aired: Sunday, 1 February 2015 at 15.40 hours

    On Sunday February 1st LDODK / AH Gorredijk plays the home game against Blauw-Wit from Amsterdam in sports hall Kortezwaag. Podium.TV broadcasts this korfball game LIVE at 15.40 hours.

    LDODK is in its third season in the Korfball League. Very successful is the team of coach Jan- Sjoerd Pool not at this time. Prior to the season LDODK had the ambition to compete for a spot in the playoffs, but the harsh reality is that they have to fight against relegation.

    Opponent Blauw-Wit are fighting for a place in those playoffs. The Amsterdammers, therefore, can't afford to lose points in Gorredijk. Earlier this season both teams played against each other. Amsterdam Blauw-Wit eventually knew after an exciting and spectacular game to win with 24-22.

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