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Muziek (Music) | Episode 36 | Music on Stage

Brenda Bee, Edward Reekers, Mayra Hondema and Rene Becker

Muziek (Music)

Episode 36: Music on Stage

First aired: Tuesday, 3 February 2015 at 17.20 hours

Brenda Bee, Edward Reekers, Mayra Hondema and Rene Becker

In this episode Muziek the artists who have been guests at Week-eind and clips of Motel Westcoast.

Brenda Bee - Beautiful People

“Sweet Disguise” is the debut album of young soulful Singer&Songwriter Brenda Bee. Many haven’t heard her own music but she has gained a lot of musical experience and fans over the short time she’s been exploring the music business.

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Edward Reekers - Silvias Mother

Reekers is a Dutch singer and began his professional career at Kayak. In 1978 he replaced singer Max Werner he passed as a drummer. The voice of Reekers is simular of Werner, but is less raw. Reekers is the singer of the biggest single success of Kayak, "Ruthless Queen" from the album Phantom of the Night.

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Mayra Hondema - Let Her Go

Mayra Hondema is a singer, actress, dancer, model and performer. In 2014 she participated at the WCOPA in Hollywood. The World Championships of Performing Arts is cited as the one-and-only official "Olympics" for aspiring performers and a rare privilege for any serious performing artist to perform against 52 other countries in the performers capital of the world, Hollywood!

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Rene Becker - Jij bent een Wonder

The life of the enthusiastic Rene Becker is full of action and is always full of surprises. One of the most Stadskanaal tackles every challenge with both hands and make some of it. "You get what you give" is his motto!

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