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Week-eind | Episode 21 | Holwerd, free packaging shop, Culture podium in Borger and dance camp.

Week-end, a great way to start the weekend. This week in Week End:


Episode 21: Holwerd, free packaging shop, Culture podium in Borger and dance camp.

First aired: Friday, 6 February 2015 at 17.00 hours

Week-end, a great way to start the weekend. This week in Week End:

Foundation “Holwerd aan Zee” and the Waddenzee Academy organize a symposium on February 9th in Holwerd. The Waddenzee Academy aims to (have) the Waddenzee area develop into an incubator for widely applicable integrated knowledge of sustainable development of a coastal area where natural values are central and a bearing part of the local and regional economy. From this ambition the Waddenzee Academy sees 'Holwerd aan Zee' as an interesting, by the residents of Holwerd itself established project. An open connection with the Frisian water to make it a lot more attractive for tourists as well to improve water management. 'Holwerd aan Zee' has been embraced by different parties.

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"Opgeweckt Noord"

'Opgeweckt Noord' on the A- straat in Groningen want to make the huge package mountain a bit smaller. And so they are the first packaging-free shop in the Netherlands. You can go there for the best (unpackaged) products such as dairy, fruit, tasty vegetables, bread, pasta, seeds, nuts and grains. You determine the amount you buy yourself. Ideal for example, that one recipe where you only need one tablespoon. You can also go there for example, one sweet potato and not a whole bag. And how does it work? You take home a bottle or jar along for the products you want to buy. Whether you buy it at once in the store or not. It's not just that it is a very special shop without any packaging, but also how the shop launched the idea . You will see it in Week-End!

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"Borger van Slag"

Borger continues to work! This sounds like totally confused, but it is meant to be a bit confused. Because in 2013 the Church of Borger opened its new doors to everyone. Drenthe has a unique, new destination for one of its oldest buildings with great cultural and historical value, a national monument. The old village church was and is the place for commitment, passion, meeting for devotion. VANSLAG is the new name for culture, music, for theater, cabaret, film, poetry; in short, for everything that has sound and color!

VANSLAG wants so clear a platform for emerging talent, that is facilitated to develop and get a stage where they really can be in the spotlight. Young, novice artists earn according to VANSLAG same stage and the same opportunities as the big guys, the established order, the well-known artists. And all this in the middle of the region, because in fact there is nothing in the area that can possibly to this. VANSLAG offers more than a stage. It searches and explores the boundaries of these figurative has increased.

VANSLAG refers to new insights into a new rhythm, unlike else, a different order, broad and extraordinary. It is an experience you want to be part of. A stage for a large audience. Arose from the cooperation principle and co-creation. VANSLAG is the heart of new culture and is always looking for co-creations with other parties.

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Dance camp

Why is “Danskamp.NL” so unique? They are not the only organized dance camps. But Dance Camp is the only company in this sector completely non-profit, all incoming monies paid to the camp to the participating child. Dance Camp only works with professionals. Only top staff that shares the passion and are committed to the children. All catering is done by professional chefs who prepare the meals each day (on location) with fresh (organic) products. Not only the standard meals: in all diets, allergies and special eating problems is thoughtfully provided.

The locations are chosen with care: dancing is not just in a building. Since no property itself offers plenty of space to dance they put professional aluminum halls on the premises, equipped with a special spring-loaded cassette floor. No injuries: a lot of room! The camp ends with a final performance. Dance Camp welcomes guests in a large tent with a large stage, professional sound & light, hot coffee/tea, seating for over 200 people.

The idea is that, in principle, there is no reason that when a child can dance but does not have the financial ability to not participate at Dance Camp. Provided they are physically able to participate fully in the dance and are in good condition. Our mission is: "Sharing our passion for dance with the talent of the future"

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