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In beeld | Episode 27 | Erica - Buckwheat colony

    In beeld

    Episode 27: Erica - Buckwheat colony

    First aired: Thursday, 12 February 2015 at 17.00 hours

    Erica is a village in the municipality of Emmen, Drenthe. Erica is around 1863 emerge as buckwheat colony on the higher sandy soils, and later grew into a real fen when around 1863the Hoogeveense Vaart was completed; the center came to lie at the channel.

    In this episode Roos is in the village of Erica. The village Erica has become known in the 90s by the Drenthe band Skik with singer Daniel Lohues, who has his home here.

    There are hundreds of villages in the northern provinces and all of them are worth to get the attention. Inbeeld with Roos. Who will be next Roos gets spontaneously in conversation?

    Rose goes to the Griendtsveen Park. The park is celebrating 30 years anniversary. Drenthe Griendtsveen Park is located on the border between Erica and Schoonebeek in Amsterdamscheveld. In 1985 the park was created by an initiative of a group of enthusiastic volunteers and cooperation with the neighborhood and interests association " Peel " and with support from various agencies and companies.

    In the summer of 2013 the Griendtsveen Park turned into a foundation. With a big heart for nature, this beautiful park is set up with all kinds of animals. There are sheep, chickens, deer, rabbits, ponies, geese, peacocks, turkeys and many other animals. We deliberately chose a design where contact between humans and animals is central, with animals in mind.

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