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Week-eind | Episode 22 | Walk for Life, Valentine's Day, Diep Triest & Tinnitus

Tinnitus solved? Fundraiser by the Walk for Life, Party during Valentine's Day and Diep Triest touring through the provinces.


Episode 22: Walk for Life, Valentine's Day, Diep Triest & Tinnitus

First aired: Friday, 13 February 2015 at 17.00 hours

Tinnitus solved? Fundraiser by the Walk for Life, Party during Valentine's Day and Diep Triest touring through the provinces.

Walk for Life / Marga Timmerman

In 2000 Marga Timmerman and her partner Bob Veenstra fought together, literally and figuratively, against cancer. Together they determined a new path to start a beautiful life together. However, when fate intervened, so early in the beginning, the period of construction of your new life together, was crude disrupted. A sense of powerlessness and insecurity became their regular accompanist seeing life as a very different perspective. But the will to not give up and to continue in a fight against an 'unfair' disease was their base and starting a new life together. This will to not give up on giving them hope and strength was not an option.

In 2005 she got the chance to establish the Foundation Walk for Life Groningen attention to the problems that young adults aged 18 to 35 are facing in all facets of their lives.

Agenda tip: Walk for Life Groningen, Saturday 25th of April 2015.

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Valentine's Day 'the Party'

On Saturday February 14th it is Valentine's Day. If you do not have any special plans but you also want that day not to let you passing by?

Come to VALENTINE'S DAY "THE PARTY" in Pand17 in Assen. You will be taken in an evening program with a Live Band, DJ, Entertainment, Bowling, and a Single Item. Prior to the party, there is the possibility to take part in a workshop with the theme "Know how to date' and/or sliding in a delicious Valentine's Buffet. From 21:00 begins the nicest and friendliest Valentine Party, obviously totally Valentine Style 2015. With several rooms there is something for everyone. A special Singles Area is present as a fun special meeting. In the evening there is a Single Item in which three men and three women are "auctioned". The proceeds of this auction will be donated to charity. The winners of the auction have won their bachelor and are offered a delicious buffet. There is no mandatory dress code but it would be nice if you can appear in style: Red-gold-glitter. Access is for 25 years and older.

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Diep Triest goes with the music

Theo Driessen plays in the band Diep Triest and you just might have seen him in the SBS program "Bloed Zweet en Tranen”. Theo is planning to go with brass bands occur. First in Groningen and Drenthe and later Friesland will follow. After Diep Triest made a tour through Groningen with eight brass and wind bands they have decided to create the foundation. The foundation "Met de muziek mee" was founded in March 2014.
Because more and more cuts will be on music threatens the enthusiasm of youth to reduce to play an instrument are taken seriously. The foundation has the following key objectives: Bringing the attention and stimulate the local music culture and work together from the Groningen band Diep Triest with local bands, brass bands and harmony.

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Recourseful against Tinnitus

Many people suffer from it. That annoying beep you hear all day. Often the result of a hearing impairment. But now there is a therapy that can get rid of for many people with their ailment. Hearing care specialist Kyra Geys started a trial in collaboration with the ENT Department of the Tjongerschans hospital in Heerenveen. The first patients are now two months into treatment, and next month they will have the first results. The patient gets a type of hearing device that makes a different tone than the annoying beep that belongs to the patient. In this way the nerves cells are on the wrong track and reduce the symptoms or disappear. For the hospital Tjongerschans is this collaboration with Kyra Geys Beter Horen a national first.

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