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Muziek uit het Noorden | Episode 40 | Music on Stage

A look back at Night of the Koemarkt 2014.

Muziek uit het Noorden

Episode 40: Music on Stage

First aired: Tuesday, 17 February 2015 at 17.20 hours

A look back at Night of the Koemarkt 2014.

In this episode of 'Muziek op het podium', music from our own archives. You will see artists who played at the Night of the Koemarkt. Among others they played the following numbers:

Just a Gigolo & Alles is Liefde - Ferry van Leeuwen

Many people know him as 'de Kale' of Marco Borsato or I love Holland. He is regularly recognized as the singer of "Memories" which he sang love songs. The Memories band scored a hit with the title song "Jij en Ik". Today, he is touring with Edwin Evers Band along theaters Netherlands.

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Rain down on me - Martin van der Starre

Martin van der Starre started singing in high school. He has sung in numerous bands, including Buckshot, Trouble in the House and Yeti Allstars.

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Think - Shirma Rouse

Rouse was known primarily as a background singerfor singing with Izaline Calister and Anouk. In 2013 Shirma Rouse participated in the Voice of Holland.

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Walking on Sunshine - Erica Greenfield

If you would have asked Erica Greenf13ld at the age of 10 what she would like to become as an adult, the answer would probably not be 'singer'. It was in 1998, when she became a cast member of the Love Rock Musical HAIR, that Erica fell in love with performing on stage and decided: 'From today, I am a singer and performer and I refuse to do anything else that doesn't make me as happy as when I am on stage'

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Signed Sealed Delivered & This is what it feels like - Charly Luske

In 2011, Charly got with his participation in 'The Voice Of Holland' a good step for a new start in his carrier. With a great adventure behind him, he is currently very busy developing his first single and album, while touring trough the country with his band.

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Medley Go West - Glasblazers

Dweilorkest De Glasblazers was founded in 1986 and consists of 18 (semi) professional musicians. Over the past 25 years, 'De Glasblazers' has their own unique sound and style of music. This unique musical concept makes the audience enthusiastic and that's the reason why 'De Glasblazers' ever started.

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