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Week-eind | Episode 23 | Carbage Run, Hans Sas, leukste winkelstraat & 360 degree

360 degree photo and video, the craziest rally ever, love for the Dutch Shallows and will it be Leeuwarden or Groningen?


Episode 23: Carbage Run, Hans Sas, leukste winkelstraat & 360 degree

First aired: Friday, 20 February 2015 at 17.00 hours

360 degree photo and video, the craziest rally ever, love for the Dutch Shallows and will it be Leeuwarden or Groningen?

Carbage Run

Collin Nissink is one of the participants and goes with an old-timer of up to € 500 in five days to drive in Scandinavia in the winter. A great challenge with great routes. Cold, snow, crazy missions, comfort, challenge, having fun, and ride on the most beautiful roads. You can all be enjoyed at the Fourth Edition of the Winter Carbage Run from 23 / m February 27, 2015.

Started as the "little brother" of the Carbage Run but has grown into an event with its own character. The ultimate 5-day rally through Europe in an old-timer but then trough the snow! Even more challenging and even more fun. The regular participants of the winter edition find the summer edition for sissies.
In five days, they traverse the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. A journey of a total of about 2,600 km. Every day a challenging stage that ends with a finish location with lots of fun.

This race is not just about speed, but about dexterity, creativity, adventure and fun to make. Every day there are challenges on the go with one you can earn points. These assignments ensure that people can get into the craziest situations that you will not forget. At the Carbage Run you can win interesting prizes, but the goal of the race is really having fun. The journey is the price.

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Hans Sas, photographer

His first real extension he received in 1971 upon graduation as a veterinarian.
During his practice time, he has always making photos. After a back surgery he was declared unfit for work as a great veterinarian, he decided to continue in photography. After several courses he moved to Groningen in 1984. That has been a major influence on his photographic development.

Living in the countryside in the North of Groningen he started photographing the agricultural work in 1987. Because at that time there was an all round development in the market of agricultural spending, he could publish his work. His next assignments also causes many free work and exhibited too. These recordings were almost exclusively in black and white.

Meanwhile, he crawled more frequently over the dike and became increasingly interested in the Dutch Shallows. This first applied to the Groninger Shallows but then increasingly for the Frisian mudflats and the German Halligen.

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The election has started of the best shoppingstreet.

In Leeuwarden, the Kleine Kerkstraat is in the race and in Groningen it is the Folkingestraat. It is a really exiting race for these two streets in the north. And does the Kleine Kerkstraat manage to be the best shopping street again? They won the prize earlier in 2010.

The NLstreets Award is the grand prize for the best shopping store and shopping street in the Netherlands in 2014 and is not determined by a jury, but only by you, the public. You can cast your vote for your favorite store and shopping street.

Dutch shopping streets are more and more alike. Follow the route store in any city and you will find the same chains with the same formulas everywhere. Not really an inspiring experience. We invite you to discover the best shopping streets in the Netherlands. NLstreets organizes the election each year to draw attention to the position of independent entrepreneurs and to show you how much fun it is to shop just for them.

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360 degrees photos

Have you ever, at any given time, want to have a pair of eyes in your back? Stefan Vogelzang is with his company Viemr almost sure he can realize that. He can make it with special photo and video equipment like panoramic HD video recordings. After the photo or video is created and these are processed, you can see the area in a picture of 360º. The possibilities are endless and for many purposes, for example websites. The men of Viemr is traveling around the world and working for various clients.

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