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Week-eind | Episode 24 | Carp Fishing, Future Talent Experience, Beer and Ralph de Jongh

This week in Week-eind:


Episode 24: Carp Fishing, Future Talent Experience, Beer and Ralph de Jongh

First aired: Friday, 27 February 2015 at 17.00 hours

This week in Week-eind:

Carp Fishing

We all sometimes throw a few fish or have that done as a child. If you fish really likes you and you can continue with the sport fishing you have a fun hobby. But once you go fishing for carp, then you get into a very different world. Carp fishing is a kind of survival and experience. You have to delve into the behavior of the Carp and that is not easy for the novice angler. Cor Hendriks and Roelof Schat are from Drenthe and knows all about it.

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Future Talent Experience

Future Talent Experience is a new multi-day adventure event. It is dedicated to the discovery and use of talent. Entrepreneurs, governments and education present themselves to a large number of visitors. Young people are actively engaged. By seeing & doing they discover their talents. All visitors can actively acquainted with leading entrepreneurs, government organizations and educational institutions. Future Talent Experience is free for all visitors.

FTE is primarily aimed at young people, but also the influencers (parents, guardians, relatives, friends, etc.) belong to the primary target. Visitors experienced during the event running what it means to practice a given profession in the near future and what talent is required. Entrepreneurs present their innovations and inventions during FTE's in an appealing way to their future employees. Schools show their training in interactive workshops, laboratory facilities, activities and demonstrations.

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The self brewing is becoming increasingly popular. Not only for private use but also small breweries local beers. The root beer is increasingly seen as a complete taste experience. To encourage these activities, there is a real beer consumers association that organizes information, tasting evenings and excursions. PINT stands for Promotion Information Traditional Beer. Founded in 1980 with the aim of promoting the beer culture in the Netherlands, they have become the only independent association of critical enthusiasts who represents the interests of the beer consumers in the Netherlands.

Jos Walstra is the president of PINT in the north.

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Ralph de Jongh

Ralph is a singer-songwriter and a performer and especially a bluesman. Because of his style of play you can described him as a true blues and roots musician. 365 days per year Ralph grip the guitar and he became one of the most special and most talented blues artists found in the Netherlands. Ralph was picked up in 2004 by none other than Harry Muskee, who acknowledged Ralphs talent and was touched by his music. Muskee took Ralph on tour as support of his Cuby & The Blizzards, which he amassed a large group of loyal fans. It went well with the career of Ralph. Ralph wins the Dutch Blues Award 2011 for Best Vocalist. But suddenly Ralph de Jongh disappears at end of 2012. A physical burnout reads the comment. 2013 was a bad year for Ralph, but he's a fighter.

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