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Muziek uit het Noorden | Episode 44 | Music on Stage

Motel Westcoast, Ellen ten Damme and Noord Nederlands Orkest

Muziek uit het Noorden

Episode 44: Music on Stage

First aired: Tuesday, 3 March 2015 at 17.20 hours

Motel Westcoast, Ellen ten Damme and Noord Nederlands Orkest

In this episode of Muziek you will see on stage the following artists Motel Westcoast, Ellen ten Damme and “Noord Nederlands Orkest” from City Proms, Leeuwarden.

Motel Westcoast - Toto Medley

Motel Westcoast, the colorful music group led by Syb van der Ploeg travels through our country. More than 100,000 visitors were witnessed the formation of five musicians and four super vocalists that can put up with the greatest hits from the American music history.

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Motel Westcoast - Brenda Bee - Nine to Five

“Sweet Disguise” is the debut album of young soulful Singer&Songwriter Brenda Bee. Many haven’t heard her own music but she has gained a lot of musical experience and fans over the short time she’s been exploring the music business.

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Ellen ten Damme - Feeling Good

There are many people who call themselves artist, but few who can honorific so much practice as Ellen ten Damme. She is an artist pur sang, she lives with full dedication for the stage, the art and the audience. She is a singer, actress, acrobat, dancer, musician, writer and composer and that all at the same time.

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Noord Nederlands Orkest - Uit de Vuurvogel: finale

NNO was founded in 1862 and is Dutch oldest professional symphony orchestra. It brings symphonic music to life in the three northern provinces, with 120 concerts per season: in concert halls, outdoor, festivals and schools.

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About this program:

In het programma Muziek uit het Noorden kom je muziekclips tegen van bekende artiesten en opkomend talent.

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