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Week-eind | Episode 26 | Chantal de Boer, the Infoversum, elections and Anne-Lie Persson

Week-end, a great way to start the weekend. This week in Week End:


Episode 26: Chantal de Boer, the Infoversum, elections and Anne-Lie Persson

First aired: Friday, 13 March 2015 at 17.00 hours

Week-end, a great way to start the weekend. This week in Week End:

Infoversum / Marc Winters

The Infoversum is housed on Ebbingekwartier in the center of Groningen, the leading creative district of Groningen. Infoversum is a sustainable building, and is an innovative element in the skyline of Groningen. The unique design with the white steel sphere and corten steel skin structure give a new impetus to the downtown architecture.

You are special, unique (3D) - movies projected on a screen of 20 meters around in a dome: an overwhelming total experience. Infoversum is the first Full 3D Dome Theatre in the Netherlands and one of only 20 of its kind in the world. The Infoversum also curates exhibitions and are becoming equipped from a (combination of) cultural, artistic and scientific perspective. Infoversum aims to provide educational and visually attractive exhibitions for young and old. Schools can also access educational programs of all levels. Infoversum does collaborations with pupils and students to provide a platform for education focused on art, culture, media and business.

The idea for Infoversum comes from Professor Edwin A. Valentine, professor of astronomical information technology at the University of Groningen. From his passion to spread knowledge created the innovative concept. Edwin A. Valentine involved the University of Groningen, City of Groningen and GasTerra as partners in a common goal: accessible dissemination of scientific knowledge through image and imagination, packed in a crossover of entertainment, science and art.

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Choosing for Water

At what water board will you vote? Or you can not vote for a particular water board and you should vote for candidate drivers. But who are they? Can you name a couple? What does a water board do anyway? On March 18 The Netherlands goes back to the polls to elect new directors for the Water Boards. But what do we really know of the water boards and what do they do exactly.

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Dance Talent Chantal

Chantal de Boer from Winsum is not that tall but dances the stars from heaven. Many visitors of Donar know her as the little tiger dancing in the breaks. But she does much more than that. She has reached the finals of 12 candidates in the TV show "Junior Dance 'AVRO / TROS. In 2013, she was already on "So You Think You Can Dance” where she managed to reach the semifinals. Last year she became European Champion streetdance and would like to go to the World Cup this year in Scotland.

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Anne-Lie Persson

From Stedum. Anne-Lie was born in Sweden. At a young age she was interested in making music. Plays oboe, and is singing in the high school bands. In 1992 she came to the Netherlands, where she is studying at the Prins Claus Conservatorium. When she graduates in 1999 she played in numerous local bands in various genres. From 2000 to mid 2003, she plays in several major shows in the Benelux and Germany. These shows combine all the qualities of Anne-Lie. Of course lots of singing, dancing and acting but also demand a lot from her expertise. After this period, Anne-Lie collapsed on several projects and is increasingly growing in singing lessons.

Today she is seen next to her lesson activities with vocal group Treats and in her own band. Besides singing on many CDs she has now recorded two CDs under her own name.

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