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SPORT | Episode 54 | Soccer & Triathlon


    Episode 54: Soccer & Triathlon

    First aired: Monday, 16 March 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of SPORT of Monday the 16th of March you will see the following subjects:


    Staphorst – Drachtsterboys

    With only ten matches to go, this one can be crucial for Staphorst. The results after matchday 19, was not in the advantage of Staphorst. In contrast to the surprising victories of Drachtster Boys. Staphorst will have to take the lead from the start, to stand a chance, because Drachtster Boys are known to be a difficult opponent.

    Looking with Said Hassen on the Cup Game

    Said Hassan, will stand against his future team coming Tuesday 17th of March in the race for the cup. He signed for two years in Harkema and looks back with warm feelings at his time with the Drachtster Boys. The upcoming derby between Drachtster Boys and Harkemase Boy's is for Said Hassan a special one.

    HHC Hardenberg – Excelsior Maassluis

    Excelsior Maassluis is certain of a new coach since last week. John de Wolf will replace Cesco Agterberg untill the end of the season. De Wolf proofs to have a fighting spirit , because the team won last week from GVVV in Veenendaal. Excelsior Maassluis has a lot of damage to make up for, but will it succeed against HHC Hardenberg? HHC Hardenberg proved to be in strong shape as it won against RKZVC from Zieuwent last week.



    The Wintertriathlon of Groningen

    On march 8th, the 12th edition of the Winter Triathlon will take place. The event is one of the four editions that is part of the Winter Triathlon series. These series are intended to provide a platform for winter athletes and to combine winter endurance sports within the NTB circuit. The participants will start with running, followed by cycling and finish with skating in Kardinge.

    About this program:

    In SPORT on Monday we pay attention to various sports and athletes from the regions Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe and Overijssel. In SPORT we bring the latest news on sports and/or extraordinairy sports performances. We also pay attention to top athletes on their way to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and we dive deep into the stories behind the athletes that are from the north of the Netherlands with SPORT Document.

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