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Week-eind | Episode 27 | Middle Ages, NL Doet, Whisky and all about mice & rats

Week-end, a great way to start the weekend. This week in Week End:


Episode 27: Middle Ages, NL Doet, Whisky and all about mice & rats

First aired: Friday, 20 March 2015 at 17.00 hours

Week-end, a great way to start the weekend. This week in Week End:

Medieval life in abundance

Annelies Hopman and Hessel Westerbeek have been active in living history and reenactment and Hessel Westerbeek also is organizing "Medieval Ter Apel. The Order of Sanssouci superstition brings back to life in a fun way, and coincidentally is the subject of 'medieval Ter Apel' this year Faith and superstition in the Middle Ages. The reenactors try to bring the time period 1475-1500 back to life and their clothing is also made as authentic as possible to examples from that period. This is called the late Middle Ages. For the image that people often have this is important in the Middle Ages, as with many things associated with the early modern era and renaissance in terms of costumes. Consider the musketeer and clothing like Rembrandt example, that is not how the reenactors from Ter Apel are dressed.

Living history and reenactment are fun ways to stabbing at anything from history.

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NL Doet

On 20 and 21 March organizes the Oranje Fonds, along with thousands of organizations in the country, NLdoet; the largest voluntary action of the Netherlands. During NLdoet residents are encouraged to take a day (partial) roll. Over the past decade, there are as many as 40,000 jobs done and have 1.5 million people participated. Also in Drenthe are all sorts of jobs registered with NLdoet, also in the (village) green. For example, in Beilen. In Tynaarlo on March 21 opened a new park that was designed by the inhabitants of the village. The land is made available by the NS and the residents bear the responsibility, now and in the future, for the park.

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Whisky Festival Noord-Nederland 2015

In late March 2015, the Second Anniversary of the Whisky Festival is held northern Netherlands.
In the past 10 years there has been quite a lot of changing without the visitor that had passed. Such as new legislation, new guidelines for festivals etc. In recent years the Whisky Festival northern Netherlands became increasingly well attended over the last few years, often even almost sold out. The exhibitors of course give the standard whiskeys for the newcomers without compensation, but for the more expensive and more whiskeys prompted there will be a small contribution.

The 10th edition of the Whisky Festival North Netherlands, from 27 to March 29, 2015 once again held in the Der Aa- church in Groningen. In 9 years time, this non-profit festival, which is run entirely of directors to the festival staff on the floor by volunteers, has become a serious international festival with big names that receives international recognition.

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The Piepshow

The exhibition The Piepshow is about the how and what of mouse and rat. Many people find them disgusting, but if you know more, they can be the interesting animals. Moreover, they are more important to humans than you might think. There have been devised over the years different solutions to control these animals. The museum has a large collection of mouse and rat traps and there are very special ones: simple slap valances to ingenious installations. Even poison is often used, but usually without much result. Especially rats are smart and often quickly realize what places they can better avoid.

Mice and rats often serve as a food source, not only for animals but also for humans. So in Vietnam fried rat is on the menu and also in parts of India is the rat a delicacy. In certain religions and cultures they play a major role. In India, even a temple is decorated for rats. So interesting animals, which are worth to spend even more the attention.

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