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Muziek uit het Noorden | Episode 50 | Music on Stage

Motel Westcoast, Anne-Lie Persson, Shirma Rouse and ZO!

Muziek uit het Noorden

Episode 50: Music on Stage

First aired: Tuesday, 24 March 2015 at 17.20 hours

Motel Westcoast, Anne-Lie Persson, Shirma Rouse and ZO!

In this episode of Muziek you will see on stage the following artists of Motel Westcoast, Anne-Lie Persson and Shirma Rouse and the gospel choir ZO! at the Night of the Koemarkt.

Motel Westcoast - Listen to the music & Never let her slip away

Motel Westcoast, the colorful music group led by Syb van der Ploeg travels through our country. More than 100,000 visitors were witnessed the formation of five musicians and four super vocalists that can put up with the greatest hits from the American music history.

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Anne-Lie Persson – Pocket Angel

From Stedum. Anne-Lie was born in Sweden. At a young age she was interested in making music. Plays oboe, and is singing in the high school bands. In 1992 she came to the Netherlands, where she is studying at the Prins Claus Conservatorium. When she graduates in 1999 she played in numerous local bands in various genres. From 2000 to mid 2003, she plays in several major shows in the Benelux and Germany. These shows combine all the qualities of Anne-Lie. Of course lots of singing, dancing and acting but also demand a lot from her expertise. After this period, Anne-Lie collapsed on several projects and is increasingly growing in singing lessons.

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Shirma Rouse en ZO! Gospel Choir - The best day is yet to come

Rouse was known as a backgroundsinger at Izaline Calister and Anouk. In 2013 Shirma Rouse participated at the Voice of Holland.

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About this program:

In het programma Muziek uit het Noorden kom je muziekclips tegen van bekende artiesten en opkomend talent.

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