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Week-eind | Episode 29 | Energiewacht Tour, Arno van der Heyden, Reinder Klei & Earlik ite


    Episode 29: Energiewacht Tour, Arno van der Heyden, Reinder Klei & Earlik ite

    First aired: Friday, 3 April 2015 at 17.00 hours

    “You are here" with Arno van der Heyden, Ex-police spokesman stopped directing after years Earlike Ite better known than Coca Cola? and The Energiewacht Tour live on Podium.TV

    Energiewacht Tour

    The stage schedule of Energiewacht Tour 2015 experience its fifth edition. The international cycling race for women has no fewer than six runs spread over five days. The promotion of the province of Groningen is another important goal for the organization of this contest, all is done between 8th and 12th of April. Premiere at this fifth anniversary is that the final stage on the German island of Borkum is being held.

    The prologue takes place on Wednesday, April 8th in Winsum. In the place where in 2013 the Dutch Time Trial Championship took place, is now begun by the top of the international women's squad with a 2.2 kilometer long opening time trial. Enough to let the standings in a first fold fall and the first leader's jerseys reach out in this cycling enthusiast community.

    Podium.TV broadcasts live from this course every day.

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    Arno van der Heyden cabaret "U bevindt zich hier”

    Arno van der Heyden has long been a big hit in the music and cabaret. In 1992 Winner audience and personality price Cameretten Festival Rotterdam. And hammered in recent years significant traction.

    In the show “U bevindt zich hier” new songs and old stories are being told. Well, old ... stories about the past. When there was not a roundabout in each village. A refreshing look at your town or city. The rest of the world is running through. From these we learn enough on television, on the radio and in the newspapers.

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    Conductor Reinder Klei is very busy with “Politie Fanfare orkest”

    PONN is an original fanfare and currently consists of 57 musicians. The orchestra playing (old) police officers, but a significant part of the orchestra is not directly employed by the police. These musicians are, in any way whatsoever, closely involved with the police and the police music. The musicians of PONN come from all walks of the police organization and from all walks of life. The occupation of PONN consists of 35% women. Thus PONN both a reflection of the police as well as civil society.
    PONN is the musical calling card of the police in the northern Netherlands and supports the police in many ways in the imaging and the formation and maintenance of the police image.

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    Earlik ite

    Jeroen Drenth is a man with many ideas, he still works out. So he came up with the idea to start a meal service for retail only Frisian local and made with fresh ingredients without additives preservatives and E numbers. The consumer picks up these meals quickly now because the meals are already in 20 supermarkets. But that's not nearly enough for Jeroen. He wants his product in a few years is just as well known as Coca Cola. What he wants to do, he will tell you all about it at the table.

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