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    Korfball: Finals of the World Cup Korfball U19

    First aired: Sunday, 5 April 2015 at 16.20 hours

    Upcoming Sunday, April 5th, the finals of the World Cup Korfball under 19 years. The final will be broadcast LIVE on Podium.TV from 16.20 hours.

    At the tournament 14 teams are participating. Newcomer is New Zealand. That resides throughout the tournament at DOS'46 Nijeveen. Also participating countries are Brazil and China. To the participants the world hears countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Chinese Taipei, England and Germany. The Netherlands is the defending champion. On the final day the semi-finals will take place, followed by the finals.

    In Group A the following countries are playing: the Netherlands, England, Chinese Taipei, Catalonia, Romania, Brazil and New Zealand. And in Group B play Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, China and RTC U19 North. Regional talent team participates outside the competition.

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